How To Make a Doctor Who TARDIS Cake With Simple Ingredients (Video)

doctor who tardis cake

Writing about Alex Kingston returning as River Song for the Doctor Who Christmas special this year reminded me about an excellent video on how to make a Doctor Who TARDIS cake I discovered recently.

Produced by Cupcake Jemma, a British cook affiliated with superstar chef Jamie Oliver, her TARDIS cake is one of the best I’ve seen, as it’s not lopsided and is decorated as authentically as the real Doctor Who TARDIS on the television show.

Cupcake Jemma’s TARDIS also doesn’t require a ton of ingredients. Just a basic cake mix, vanilla buttercream, blue coloring, sugar paste, some gum tragacanth and a food coloring powder.


Watch Jemma’s How To Make a Doctor Who TARDIS cake in the video below. And, of course, watch the trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who series 9 here. Cool, eh?

Michelle Topham

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