How to Make a Minecraft Iron Golem: You Can’t Craft Them

How to make an iron golem in Minecraft with iron blocks and a pumpkin

Call me a noob if you like, but it’s only this week that I figured out how to make a Minecraft iron golem. That being said, I can’t be that big of a noob as I’ve just found out some of my obsessed-with-playing-Minecraft friends had no idea how to make one either.

A couple of them even thought you had to craft them and couldn’t figure out why, when they put the needed blocks onto their crafting table absolutely nothing happened.

If you are like them and are one of the people who doesn’t know how to make a Minecraft iron golem, don’t worry, it is easy. And here’s how to do it (and yes, they managed it eventually as well).


1. You need four blocks of iron (blocks and not ingots), and one pumpkin. You can make the iron blocks on your crafting table from 36 iron ingots, if you don’t already have some.

2. Now place one iron block on the ground anywhere where you want your iron golem to guard and put a second one on top of it. Add one iron block to either side of the top one so you are left with something that looks like a short, fat ‘T’.

3. Now plonk the pumpkin on top of the middle iron block like you’re placing the golem’s head and, voila, your iron golem will materialize.

Simple, eh?

Michelle Topham