How to make a Minecraft safe house with perfect security systems

Have you been trying to figure out how to make a Minecraft safe house? One with perfect security systems that nobody can get into?

If so, you really need to watch the new video from MumboJumbo, one of YouTube’s most popular Minecraft players, and a builder extraordinaire.

Mumbo Jumbo’s Minecraft safe house is actually a tiny log cabin that he then builds a series of security systems around, so that no human being can get into it.


Read on to find out exactly how he did it.

Mumbo Jumbo’s Minecraft safe house is a log cabin (sort of)

Mumbo started off with a small log cabin. A house just big enough to fit his bed, chests, crafting bench and a few other precious items.

The house itself was built on a flat plain just outside a village, so that he had plenty of space to add a network of security systems.

He also added a balcony, so he can see across the security systems to the village beyond.


The Minecraft safe house security systems

Once the house was in place, it was time to start building each security system. So that they all work together to keep him and his house completely protected from any outside invasion attempt.

a) A basic wall — Mumbo’s first security system was a wall that surrounded the house. Made from wood and stairs, with sticky pistons underneath the wall, it also had a wooden fence surrounding the top of the wall, giving it quite a medieval castle kind of look.

b) A barrier of blazes — Once the wall was up, he then added a barrier of blazes via a redstone contraption, which will shoot fireballs at anyone that gets into the compound.

c) A creeper deployer — Of course, as he soon discovered, blazes don’t actually have very good aiming skills, so that required an extra security system.

A creeper deployer that sends creepers over the top of the wall towards anyone attempting to break in.

Just don’t do what Mumbo did when he first designed the creeper deployer, as you will blow up yourself AND your house.

Ummmm…the creepers are supposed to be OUTSIDE the wall, not inside it!

d) Lava moat — Of course, every Minecraft safe house needs a lava moat, and it should be a pretty wide one.  After all, there is no point having such a moat if, at just one block wide, anything or anyone can jump right over it.

To make it an even cooler lava moat, however, he also covered it with a network of scaffolding blocks, which then allowed him to cover the lava and then reveal it as someone or something is about to step onto it.

Make sure the lava moat is several blocks wide and deep

e) Berry bushes and wither roses — Berry bushes are a must when building a Minecraft safe house, as they give you that extra layer of security. The same goes for wither roses.

If you do build a safe house, and decide to add them, though, make sure you give yourself an entry through them, or you will get damaged or killed just like anyone else.

f) Slime jump access with a key card — Of course, the owner of the Minecraft safe house still needs to be able to get into his own property, which is where adding access via a slime jumping block and a key card comes in (see Mumbo’s video below for how to implement it).

g) Hidden inner obstacles using pistons — There is always the small chance that someone or something will get through all of your security systems, and into the inner sanctum.

This is where adding hidden inner obstacles using pistons comes in. Obstacles that drop the intruder straight into lava.

h) A nuclear button — Finally, if someone does get passed the hidden obstacles and into the house, having a nuclear button is a great idea.

But, not a nuclear button that kills you and the people invading, just one that destroys the DUMMY HOUSE on the ground level (see video below), and drops the intruders into an enormous pit — where they die.

You then respawn in a bed at the bottom of the pit, collect the items the intruders have dropped, then head off into your real house, which is actually…underground.

How clever is that?

Watch Mumbo Jumbo’s excellent video on how to build a Minecraft safe house with just about the most perfect security systems below.

And don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel, as everything he creates is of this high caliber!

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Michelle Topham