How to make a Minecraft starter base in 1.14 that looks cool too

1.14, the new Minecraft update, gives players some amazing new additions to the game. Especially when it comes to designing and building a starter Minecraft base in 1.14.

Barrels are an awesome and much cheaper storage system, campfires are cool, especially as their flames don’t spread, and lanterns, new stair materials and new brick styles can make a base look extremely beautiful.

When you also throw in things like composters, wither roses, scaffolding, new signs, and sweet berry bushes, you can make your base’s outside area look phenomenal as well.


If you are new to the game or new to the update, however, you may be struggling a bit with decisions on how to make a cool Minecraft starter base in 1.14.

After all, with so many choices, it suddenly makes decisions on base building a lot more complex.

That’s why popular YouTuber Mumbo Jumbo has created a video on how to make a cool Minecraft starter base in 1.14 to give you some help.

A base he created by just building into a rock face.

That means wood gathering is much less important, yet the base he built still managed to incorporate most of the things you will want to have when you are setting up your own first base.


The outdoor area of your Minecraft starter base in 1.14

Although Mumbo started off his new base by creating the outdoor area first, you might not want to do that. Not if you’re in survival mode, and want to survive the first night.

Not unless you’ve managed to light up your outdoor area extremely well first.

Instead, you may want to skip ahead in his base building video (watch it below) to the part where he actually starts hammering into the rock face. At least then, when darkness falls, you can slap on a front door and be safe from creepers, zombies and other mobs of the night.

Once you have a safe indoor area, however, you can come back out and kick off your garden plot.

As Mumbo suggests, fence it off first so you are safe from any mobs, and then plant things like sweet berry bushes as they damage any mob that comes along and stands next to them. (A cactus row will do the same thing if you are using sand).

He also starts his Minecraft starter base in 1.14 by growing potatoes. They’re an awesome food source, grow really fast and take seconds to cook.

Building a storage area in Minecraft 1.14

Like me when I kick off a new base, Mumbo builds the storage area first.

He suggests you build it right inside the front door. That way you’re not having to go deep into your base to grab basic supplies every time you need them.

He also suggests using barrels instead of chests. They use slightly fewer blocks of wood per barrel than chests, which can really add up when you’re just starting out. They look cool too.

Build a smelting system

Having a functioning smelting system early in on when building your starter base in Minecraft 1.14 is key. Especially with the new smoker and blast furnace, which allow you to cook food and smelt ores faster.

He suggests you throw a couple of these into your smelting system as soon as you can.

A bamboo farm

Having an indoor bamboo farm is a smart thing to do, as you can use it to fuel furnaces.

Mumbo suggests setting up an indoor bamboo farm that automatically fuels furnaces. That way you’re not faffing around harvesting bamboo yourself.

A cool but very quiet chicken farm

Everyone that has had a chicken farm in or near their Minecraft base knows how darned loud they can be. That’s why Mumbo suggests building a chicken farm in a starter Minecraft base in 1.14 still in your base, but a long way from your main area.

He achieves that by building it at the end of a long corridor, setting up a flowing water system that will bring your cooked chickens down into a barrel via a water line.

The chicken farm itself is then built outside, with what looks like a complicated system of droppers, hoppers and dispensers, but is actually quite easy to create.

Like he says, though, you don’t have to use glass to enclose your chickens and I certainly wouldn’t. There are, after all, far less ugly ways to build a chicken farm.

A nether portal with an on/off switch

While putting a nether portal in your starter Minecraft base in 1.14 will give you access to all kinds of materials you will need as you advance, they make a helluva lot of noise.

That’s why Mumbo builds his with an on/off switch, so you only have it on when you are actually going to go through it.

A bubble elevator to your upstairs bedroom

Mumbo builds his bedroom on an upstairs level, and accesses it with a bubble elevator.

They’re easy to build, get you upstairs quickly and look so incredibly cool when you use them.

That’s basically all you need for your first starter base in Minecraft 1.14 and, of course, you can do as many variations on Mumbo’s theme as you like. Or ignore it altogether.

Watch his excellent tutorial video below. And, of course, subscribe to Mumbo Jumbo’s amazing YouTube channel here.

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