How to make a Minecraft survival bunker — this is awesome! (Video)

Minecraft survival bunker

Have you always wanted to build a Minecraft survival bunker, but every time you do it does not turn out as you expect it to?

If that sounds like you and your Minecraft experience, then you must watch this superb video from massively successful YouTube Minecraft player Mumbo Jumbo.

Because, in another of his incredible builds, he has built a survival bunker in Minecraft that will not only keep you safe but, just in case there is some kind of contaminant outside the bunker, it will even sterilize you as you enter.


Mumbo Jumbo’s Minecraft survival bunker has a slime block elevator, he uses the Fill/Replace command to make it easier to dig out the underground section, and he has an XP farm.

He also built a sugar cane farm, a melon and pumpkin farm and a kelp farm. The kelp farm powers any furnaces that he has, so there is never any need to go off digging for coal or to find lava. And, of course, Mumbo’s Minecraft survival bunker has a furnace-smelter system.

He also has an item transportation system so, as all the crops he is growing and items he is collecting from his mob XP farm are automatically harvested by a huge network of redstone-operated devices.

Crops and other items are then stored in a system of shulker boxes.

With any Doomsday scenario, however, you are also going to need somewhere to live, and Mumbo’s survival bunker living quarters will make sure you are comfortable enough. Sure, it is small, but it has a bed, a dresser and even a couple of cacti in plant pots for decoration,


After all, this is a Doomsday bunker and you need to have everything available to you in it.

Watch Mumbo Jumbo’s ultimate Minecraft survival bunker in the video below. It’s only 15 minutes long, but it will give you some cool ideas for creating your own. And then, of course, subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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Michelle Topham