How to Make a Vending Machine in Vanilla Minecraft (Video)

Want to make a vending machine in vanilla Minecraft easily?

So, I started out the other day making plans to try to figure out how to make a vending machine in my latest vanilla Minecraft world, and I figured it would take me days.

But then……I stumbled across this amazing video from MumboJumo on how to make a large vending machine in Vanilla Minecraft and the rest, as they say, is history.

In fact, I now have an absolutely massive (and superbly awesome) vending machine in my vanilla Minecraft world dispensing pork chops and chicken, and it didn’t honestly take me that long to do.


Plus, I am abysmal when it comes to using redstone, so if I can follow MumboJumbo’s instructions and build a working vending machine in just a couple of hours — a five year old can. Just make sure you follow the instructions absolutely step-by-step or it won’t work otherwise, and you can get your machine working as well.

Check out MumboJumbo’s video below. Cool, eh?

Michelle Topham