How to Make an Automatic Nether Wart Farm in Minecraft that is AFK-able and Easy

Docm77’s automatic nether wart farm is so easy to build

If I am ever looking for an easy to understand tutorial for machinery I want to build in one of my Minecraft worlds, there are usually two YouTube channels I go to first to find a good build.

UK Minecraft player Mumbo Jumbo, with his amazing builds, 702 million video views and 2.5 million subscribers, or German Minecraft player Docm77, with  his fabulous tutorials, his 143 million video views and 584,000 subscribers.


Both guys publish easy to understand tutorials for all kinds of techie Minecraft builds, and both have managed to create builds I can successfully complete the first time I try.

Case in point, one of Docm77’s latest tutorials.

This time for an automatic nether wart farm. A Minecraft build that only takes a few minutes to finish, once you have all your supplies ready, but that creates an automatic nether wart farm in Minecraft that can even be used while you are AFK.

It is also an automatic nether wart farm that is incredibly efficient. Especially if you make a large one — because, yes, you can make this farm as big or as small as you like.

You can even monitor all the different growth stages of the nether wart as well.

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As Doc says at the beginning of his video, “I was lying awake and was thinking “There must be a better way to farm nether wart”. I’m weird like that. Don’t ask why!” And then he thought of this.

Weird or not, thanks Doc, because this tutorial was incredibly useful.

Watch Docm77’s how to make an automatic nether wart farm that is AFK-able in the video below. Then get building!

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Michelle Topham