How to Make Chocolate Pokeballs (Video)

Having a Pokemon birthday party? Or are you just a massive Pokemon fan and love everything about the video game franchise? In that case, this video is for you. A how to make chocolate pokeballs step by simple step video. A task that only takes a few minutes to do yet the end result is awesome.

The how to make Chocolate pokeballs was produced by popular YouTuber gamer Ihascupquake in her Quake and Bake cooking show. All you need to create these cool, and delicious, chocolate pokeballs is some white chocolate, black icing,  a packet of red candy melts, a couple of sheets of wax paper and a packet of balloons.


Watch Ihascupquake’s video to find out what to do next and you too can have chocolate pokeballs at your next party (or just make a few for yourself and stuff them down in the privacy of your own bedroom. I know that’s what I’d do!)

Don’t forget as well, these chocolate pokeballs are completely hollow so you can add Pokemon characters inside each one if you like, or candy, nuts, chocolate, other small toys — basically anything you like.

What a cool party treat these could be.


Michelle Topham