How to Make Colored Sheep and Colored Wool in Minecraft (Video)

One of the amazing things about playing Minecraft is the literally millions of cool things you can do or build in the game. One of the frustrating things is how long it can sometimes take to learn many of them.

Things like how to make colored sheep in Minecraft, for instance. A task that seems pretty simple but, if you don’t know how, can really impact your ability to be able to create some of the things you want to build when you’re playing the game in survival mode.

That’s why I wanted to pass on this cool little video I found this week – a video that teaches you how to make colored sheep in Minecraft, and thus colored wool, in three minutes flat.

Once you’ve watched it, you’ll soon find yourself adding carpets to your Minecraft house, and building amazing buildings made out of brightly colored wool. Just remember, if you do, wool is very flammable.


As for the video, now that’s the type of Minecraft tutorial I enjoy. Short, sweet and awesome. Watch it below.


Michelle Topham