How to make Nadiya Hussain’s Egg and Mushroom Rolls in 5 minutes — they’re SO good!

Lately, I have been working my way through every video the BBC has uploaded to its YouTube channel of Nadiya Hussain cooking. And yes, I have been making every dish in them.


Not only because I love Nadiya — how happy, positive and how kind of a person she seems to be — but also because her recipes taste amazing, and they are always so easy to make.

Take Nadiya Hussain’s Egg and Mushroom Rolls.

A simple breakfast, lunch or dinner you can make in literally five minutes. And a dish that, put together with a salad (or in my case a side of chips), makes a very tasty meal.

So, just in case you missed the BBC video and the Nadiya’s Time To Eat episode it came from, here is how to make Nadiya Hussain’s Egg and Mushroom Rolls in five minutes flat.



3 eggs

4-6 mushrooms

2-3 tortilla wraps

Sundried tomato paste

Chopped black olives

Dried parsley/Italian herbs (any type of herb you like really)

1/2 teaspoon of dried garlic

Salt and pepper


Crack the eggs into a glass measuring jug or bowl, and beat them well.

Add a sprinkling of dried herbs and half a teaspoon of dried garlic. (I add less herbs than Nadiya does, as I found her liberal addition of the parsley too much for my taste. You may like it, though).

Slice the mushrooms.

Spread some sundried tomato paste onto one of the tortilla wraps. (I have also used olive spread when I ran out of tomato paste and, believe me, it was equally as yummy).

Turn your burner on to a low heat, add a small amount of oil in the bottom of a frying pan and heat slowly. Make sure it liberally coats the entire pan.

Pour a third of the egg into the pan in the shape of an omelette, add a few slices of mushroom, sprinkle some sliced black olives over the mixture, and leave to cook for 30 seconds.

Place one of the tortilla wraps, with the tomato paste side down, on top of the now-almost-cooked omelette, and press down on it so that the wrap glues itself to the omelette.

Let it cook for 20-30 seconds, then flip the omelette over so that the tortilla is now on the surface of the pan and leave for 15 seconds.

Remove the tortilla/egg, place on a plate and roll it up. Slice the roll into halves, place on a plate and add a side salad, chips or crisps.

It makes a delicious quick meal, and it’s cheap and easy too.

Watch how to make Nadiya Hussain’s Egg and Mushroom Rolls in the BBC video below. And then, of course, make them yourself, because they are so frikking good!

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