How To Make Nigella Lawson’s Comforting Ramen Noodles (Video)

nigella lawson's ramen

No, I don’t normally include recipes on this celebrity website but, come on, it’s Nigella Lawson, the kitchen goddess, and she’s making her comforting ramen noodles.

Nigella Lawson’s comforting ramen noodles are from her new TV series Simply Nigella – episode 1, and they are just about one of the easiest meals to make if you’re looking for something fast, healthy and ridiculously tasty.

All Nigella does to make these Japanese ramen noodles is to use dashi broth, dried shiitaki mushrooms, ginger, miso, radishes, sesame seed oil, soy sauce, baby pak choi, ramen noodles, and a boiled egg.

And the only thing Nigella Lawson does wrong here is use a fork spoon (a splork?) to eat her ramen noodles, as no respecting Japanese person would ever eat noodles with anything but chopsticks. Nigella. Really. You need to learn how to use chopsticks.

The first episode of Simply Nigella, including this ramen noodle segmentwill air on BBC Two on November 2nd at 8:30pm. The series has seven episodes.


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