How to Make Sure the Nintendo Switch’s Kickstand Doesn’t Break — Buy One of These Cheap Solutions

If you’ve spent any time trolling gaming news to find out what gamers are saying about the new Nintendo Switch, one of the things you have probably noticed is how many people are complaining about the Nintendo Switch’s kickstand.

After all, for a console this expensive, you would think the company could have added a kickstand that doesn’t feel as if it’s going to snap off any second, and isn’t too small and wonky for the unit it’s supposed to stabilize.

There is, however, an easy way to make sure the Nintendo Switch’s kickstand doesn’t break. Don’t use it, and buy one of these cheap solutions instead. Not only will your Switch suddenly look and feel a lot more stable, you won’t have to keep putting up with that horrible noise every time you deploy it.


This is the UGREEN Tablet Stand. You can use it for tablets, phones and, of course, the Nintendo Switch. It’s solid and stable feeling, has a beautiful minimalist design, and is completely foldable and fits in a pocket so you can take it with you anywhere you and your Nintendo Switch go.

You can also change the viewing angle to one of 10 different ones, depending on how you like to watch your Switch. Oh and yeah, it’s inexpensive.



If you can’t wait a couple of days to grab a tablet stand from one of the online sellers, another option is your local IKEA. They too sell a similar tablet stand called the Isberget, and it’s only $2.99.

Sure, it’s not adjustable or particularly portable but, if you prop your Switch in the shorter side of the two, it will now be at eye level and you can play on it comfortably for as long as you like without worrying that stupid kickstand is suddenly going to give way and break. It also comes in turquoise if you want something a bit less bland.

Special note about the Nintendo Switch kickstand

By the way, if the kickstand does snap off your Switch, it is actually quite easy to re-attach it, as it was manufactured to snap off and snap back in.

If you don’t have to use the funky little thing, though, why would you? Especially when there are quick solutions like these for just a few bucks.

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