How to Play Like a Pro in Minecraft and Not Like a Noob — Basic Minecraft Mistakes Are Easy to Avoid (Videos)

My gaming obsession is Minecraft. A game I have probably played for well over 5,000 hours in the five years I have owned the game.

Part of that Minecraft obession is watching other people play the game on YouTube, but one thing I have noticed about even the most popular players — players like The Yogscast (all of them!) and Stampy — is they make so many basic Minecraft mistakes when they play, in some respects they have hardly moved beyond noob at all.

Mistakes like getting so involved in gameplay they never fence off or light up their bases properly, so they end up being inundated with mobs night and day.


Or how to behave in a bow fight — they just stand in one position and fire off arrows, and are dead before they know it.

As for doing things like making trips — they fail more than they succeed, because they seem to think every other player is as gullible as they are.

If these basic Minecraft mistakes sound like things you also do, there is a new series of videos out by YouTuber GoldenArmor. Videos that show basic Minecraft mistakes that make you look like a noob, and what to do to avoid them.

There will be ultimately five videos in the series of how to play like a pro in Minecraft. You can watch the first three here, as he has some pretty good tips.

Because, yeah, we all make mistakes in Minecraft. But there are just some things you should never do.




Michelle Topham


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