How to Tweet a Celebrity: Be Polite, Interesting and Don’t Spam

conchita wurst tweet


I spend a fair amount of my time on Twitter on my personal account, website account, and reading the tweets of people I follow. Some are celebrities I write about on Leo Sigh, and occasionally I tweet them. (Well, more than occasionally with Conchita Wurst, my main girl).

One thing I notice on my travails through Twitter, however, is how many people seem to not really understand how to tweet a celebrity. What’s appropriate. What’s not. And what you should absolutely avoid.


So here are a few tips to help you tweet a celebrity, so you don’t end up making the mistakes many people do, and eventually cause that celebrity you love to block you.

Be Polite — First and foremost, be polite. Remember, you’re tweeting an actual human being here. A person who has feelings just like you do, and someone who doesn’t want to open their Twitter Notifications and be met with a ton of abuse.

Be polite, be respectful and treat them like a person — even if you disagree with something they did or said. You can still do it respectfully.

Be Interesting — If you’re tweeting them to say the same thing 500 followers have already said, it may not be in your best interests. Not only are they not going to notice your tweet among the 10,000 all saying the same thing, but you’re going to come off as a bit boring.


Not sure who is tweeting what? Use Topsy – all you have to do is put in the @…….of your favorite celebrity and it will show you what people are tweeting to her or him about.

Then think of something interesting to tell them, about themselves or something you saw you think they may like, and tweet it to them.

Be Careful on the Retweets — I see some Twitter users who retweet every single tweet the celebrity they like gets from other people, as well as tweets the celebrity sends themselves. What that means is the poor celebrity’s Notification box gets jammed with notifications about every tweet, every retweet.

Be selective about what you retweet. I’ve seen some Twitter users retweeting more than 20 tweets to the same celebrity in the space of a few minutes. Look at it this way, would you want that number of tweets coming at you in your Notification box? I know I wouldn’t. And I would have blocked you by now.

Tweet Sparingly — Don’t send the same celebrity 50 tweets a day. Or, God forbid, the same tweet saying the same thing again and again. Most celebrities who get 30 tweets from you in a three minute period all saying “Follow meeeeeee” are just going to block you. It’s annoying and, frankly, it makes you look suspiciously like a stalker.

Pick a couple of subjects you’d like to send your favorite actress, singer, comedian, tennis player etc., and send them a couple of tweets a day. I send 2-3 to my favorite celebrity if I think of something I want to say, spread throughout the day, with more than that only when I’ve written about her, or about an issue I want to support her on (well, most days, anyway).

Hashtag (Celebrity Name)

And, don’t forget, if you just want to support your favorite celebrity on Twitter, you can always tweet about them using the hashtag plus their name (#Pink), rather than tweeting @ them. It gives them support, and lets other people know about them, without flooding their Twitter feeds with junk.

And if you’re not sure about any of this, think about it like this. Would you want to get thousands of tweets every day that you have to wade through, just to find things that might be relevant or interesting? Because I know I wouldn’t.

And if the answer to that question is “No” for you too, then don’t cause the celebrity you love more annoyance than is absolutely necessary.

Michelle Topham