How You Can Help Conchita Wurst on Social Media

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People ask me why I write so much about Conchita Wurst. That’s easy. I love her.

Another reason, however, is probably a little less simple and it has to do with promotion.

Because I don’t ever want her to have to go back to the career she had before Eurovision 2014. You know, the one where hardly anyone outside Austria knew who she was, and where she took jobs she probably didn’t want just to get her name out and just to pay the bills (fish factory anyone?).

So, I do my part to promote her where I can.

Some of that promotion is writing about her, and some of it is on social media, and it’s the social media aspect of promoting Conchita Wurst I want to talk about today. Because I see a lot of fans doing their part to promote Conchita on social media and, while that’s really great, some of it is done in a way that does not really help her, and some of it might even hurt her.

So here is a quick rundown of things you should and should not do on social media if you too want to promote Conchita Wurst, help her get to superstardom and then stay there. And, let’s face it, shouldn’t that be everyone who really loves her?

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Don’t start another Conchita Wurst fan page

Currently, there are 9,972 Conchita Wurst fan pages on Facebook. Okay, probably not that many but it sure feels like it. And, while every fan that starts one has the best intentions, honestly, starting new ones does not help her. There are, of course, good reasons for that.

Conchita gets huge benefits from the large number of fans she has. Fans that should be working together as one big team. Because large numbers of people all working together for the same goal — promoting her latest video, getting people to buy her album, or voting for her in a competition — can have a massive impact.

But due to all the fan pages off doing their own thing to just a small group of people, or duplicating what the main fan page is already doing, this is watering down the impact those people could have if they worked together as one team. And so Conchita doesn’t benefit from it nearly as much as she should.

If you really want to help promote Conchita on Facebook, instead of starting your own fan page, follow her official fan page — Conchita’s Wurstgemeinde. Read it daily, work as one team (you know, “The Unstoppables”), and do what they ask you to do.

Currently, they are asking fans to vote for Conchita for the Napster Fan-Preis. If every fan did that, she would have a good chance of winning. And her? She would love that.

Plus, if you hang out on the Wurstgemeinde, you will meet tons of people who have the same interests as you (everything Conchita), and make some extremely nice new friends.

Can you speak another language fluently?

The fabulous RusUnstoppables are currently creating Russian subtitles for the videos that appear on Conchita’s own YouTube channel (see video below). The Wurstgemeinde create subtitles for her in German and French. Both of these teams get early access to her videos, so they can watch them even before they go live on her YouTube channel.

If you can speak another language fluently and are willing to make a commitment to translate Conchita’s own personal videos into that language, contact the Wurstgemeinde, and they will make sure the message gets passed on.

Share her Facebook posts on your own page

When Conchita posts a photo, video or comment on her Facebook page, use the ‘Share’ function and share it to yours. Please do not copy it. Not only does that not help her, but copying her photos or her videos is illegal and, if her team reports you, it could get your account shut down.

Using the share function, however, helps her enormously and is even more important than ‘likes’, as the more ‘shares’ her posts get, the higher they appear in Facebook’s newsfeed and so the more other people see them.

conchita twitter

Retweet her tweets

If you have a Twitter account, favorite and then retweet her tweets. Retweeting is the most important thing as, the more retweets she gets the more she is noticed on Twitter as a whole.

Please do not copy and re-post her tweets or her photographs. Again, it is illegal, your Twitter account can be shut down because of it, and it does not help her.

conchita youtube

Support her YouTube account

If Conchita’s videos do well on YouTube, this can open up even more doors for her in her career. So, please, subscribe to her channel, thumbs up every video and write a comment.

Please do not copy her videos and upload them to your own account or to anywhere else. Again, it is illegal, it will get your YouTube account closed down and, frankly, you are stealing from her.

Subscribe to her VEVO channel

This is where her official music videos appear, and it’s where just about anyone can watch them in any country without fear of them being blocked. Subscribe to the channel, watch her videos, thumbs them up and comment on them.

#shiploveahoi yesterday just before meeting #theunstoppables at @Facebook in Hamburg ❤️ #ConchyAtFB

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Please don’t copy content from platform to platform

Looking at Conchita Wurst’s social media channels, it’s obvious to me her team has a strategy. Certain things go on Twitter, for instance, while others go on her Facebook account. Her Instagram account is saved for pretty pictures and fashion-related things.

When fans take content from one platform (ie: Twitter) and copy it to another (Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr), this does not help her. And, yes, like all the other times I’ve said it, it’s still…illegal.

Please keep all of her content on the platform it was put on. Keep Facebook posts on Facebook by ‘sharing’ them. Keep tweets on Twitter by retweeting them and, of course, ‘like’ her Instagram photos and don’t steal them (or those of her stylist), and post them on your own account. Illegal. Doesn’t help her.

Final comments

Yes, I know this is a lot to remember, but it’s all to help Conchita. And you love her, right? So doesn’t that make it worth it?

Besides, if you follow these strategies on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (and make sure you subscribe to all four of her accounts), she will become even more popular, she will get more opportunities to make more music, appear on more TV shows, and do more photoshoots for magazines and then we will all benefit because we’ll get to see her even more.

As for Conchita? She’ll be even happier, she’ll love her fans even more, and she’ll be in our lives for the rest of hers. And that’s a win-win for everyone.

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