Hugh Jackman Poses with ‘Chappie’ for Movie Promotion

Morning Chappie!! @ChappieTheMovie

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Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman were at a cast photo call in New York City for their new movie ‘Chappie‘ yesterday and this lovely photo came out of it. Instagrammed by Jackman yesterday, it shows the Australian actor posing next to Chappie the Robot, and doesn’t he look cute. (Jackman. The robot. Okay, both).

The cast photo call was at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York, and was to help promote the movie.

The movie ‘Chappie‘, by the way, is about a world policed by robots who keep law and order to the detriment of human rights. But, when people start to fight back, and one robot is stolen and reprogrammed, Chappie emerges as the thinking, feeling one of his species. The authorities find out, however, and will stop at nothing to get him back and put an end to him.

Chappie is due to be released on March 6th. Sounds interesting.

Michelle Topham