Hungary’s Boggie Has Perfect 2nd Rehearsal at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna (Video)

Boggie Hungary second rehearsal at Wiener Stadthalle Eurovision 2015
Credit EUROVISION/EBU – Photographer Andres Putting (EBU)


Boggie has another perfect rehearsal at Eurovision 2015

Boggie, Hungary’s representative to Eurovision 2015, had her second rehearsal at the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna yesterday and, just like at the first rehearsal, it was perfect.

Boggie’s Eurovision entry is a simple acoustic song called ‘Wars For Nothing‘, and is all about the need for peace. It is beautifully performed by the singer who has a gorgeous voice.

The staging, however, is what makes this song even more special as it just features Boggie and her four backing singers standing on stage with a stunning backdrop. Stars, the universe in black and white, the earth, and a tree that grows from an uprooting of guns. The backdrop was designed by Boggie and her team on a ‘mood board’ and then created by the Austrian public broadcaster ORF.

While this song was not one of my favorites when it was first released, it is definitely growing on me. And, as it is likely to look stunning in close up on camera the night of semi-final 1, it could do much better than some people expect. Right now, I’m changing my mind on this, and thinking it definitely could be a qualifier.

Besides, as she falls in 10th place in the running order of semi-final one, right after Serbia’s uptempo Bojana Stamenov, and everything about it is so beautiful in its simplicity, Boggie and her song really could catch people’s attention.

Watch Boggie’s second rehearsal at Eurovision 2015. It’s exquisite.


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