I Love the Name George Alexander Louis, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge


Why the name George Alexander Louis is so perfect

I love the name George Alexander Louis. That, of course, is the name the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and his wife Katherine), have officially given to their newborn son. George Alexander Louis, otherwise known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. How wonderful is that? After all, it’s a good old traditional British name — and there’s something fabulous about that.

Why George Alexander Louis was chosen

While the British royal family don’t always say publicly why they choose the names for their children that they do, there are probably several very good reasons why the name George Alexander Louis was chosen for Prince William and his wife Katherine’s new baby.

Why did they call him Prince George?

George was the name of Queen Elizabeth’s own father, or at least he was known as King George. His actual first name was Albert, and the royal family knew him affectionately as ‘Bertie’.

It’s highly likely, therefore, that Prince William and Katherine chose George as their son’s first name as they knew how much the Queen loved her father, and that name would be a nice tribute.

Personally, I also love the name George, as that was the name of my fiance who died before we were able to get married. The name George will always hold a special place in my heart.

Why Alexander as a middle name?

Alexander is actually a traditional Scottish name, and as the royal family love Scotland and have always said they feel a special affinity with the country, it’s not surprising Alexander would be chosen.

Alexandra is also the middle name of Queen Elizabeth herself, so it’s likely the male form Alexander was chosen to honor her.

Prince George, of course, is her very first great-grandchild and, as could be seen by how absolutely delighted she was at the news of his birth, he’s already a much loved new member of the family. The Queen has also been heard to say “the first born is always very special”, so you know just how much she’s going to love this little boy.

So why Louis?

For those of us who remember the death of Lord Louis Mountbatten, the Queen’s uncle, who was assassinated by an IRA bomb while on holiday with his family, it’s not surprising Prince William and Katherine also decided on the name Louis.

Lord Louis Mountbatten was known as ‘Uncle Dickie’ to everyone in the royal family, but was a particular favorite of Prince George’s grandfather, our current Prince Charles. So to see the young royal couple choosing Louis as one of their son’s names, no not surprising at all. It’s a lovely tribute to ‘Uncle Dickie’, and should also please Prince Charles enormously.

George Alexander Louis. His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. I think it’s absolutely lovely.

Michelle Topham