Iceland’s Maria Olafs Releases Official Video of ‘Unbroken’ for Eurovision

maria olafs broken


Maria Olafs, Iceland’s representative for Eurovision 2015, released her official video for her song ‘Unbroken’ yesterday. A video that is beautifully produced, and that showcases Olafs’ voice very well (and does it sound a lot stronger here than she did during Iceland’s national final?)

For me, it’s not one of my favorite songs of the competition as it’s all chorus and hardly any verse, and is too repetitive, but I do like the video and ‘Unbroken‘ is definitely growing on me from when I heard it at Iceland’s national final.


As for Maria Olafs, her full name is María Ólafsdóttir and her surname literally means ‘daughter of Olafs’, which is quite a charming name actually. She’s pretty new on the music scene, with the Eurovision Song Contest being the first major thing she’s done. She can definitely sing, though, so this may just be the start of something big.

Besides, isn’t it about time Iceland had another female singer as big as Bjork? And wouldn’t it be fabulous if they won, so that next year’s Eurovision would be in Reykjavik?


Michelle Topham