Idris Elba Says He Loves Luther and Wants To See a Film Version (Video)

idris elba luther madonna

British actor Idris Elba says he loves ‘Luther‘ and wants to see a film version of the BBC TV series eventually. Elba was talking to ODE channel recently, where he was asked did he always plan on returning to do series 4 of the popular series, or did he need some persuading before he decided to get back on board?

Elba explained that, no, he always intended to return but that he and the ‘Luther‘ team like to pretend there won’t be another series, as it keeps the audience on their toes.

“I think we sort of revel in that in a sense that we keep the audience going “What?”. We don’t do any typical number of episodes, and we just have a different approach to making a TV series…….but ultimately ‘Luther‘ is something I’ll always come back to. I love the character. I love the show. And I think there are endless versions or incarnations of Luther that we could explore”.

Elba then went on to say he was especially interested in seeing the film version of ‘Luther‘ at some point. With himself playing the lead, of course.

Interestingly too, Idris Elba opened for Madonna in Berlin last month as, yes, he’s a DJ as well. Elba said he didn’t even get the call asking him to do it until the Sunday night before the Tuesday concert, so he had to make his mind up quickly. Of course, it didn’t take him long. “You don’t say no to the Queen”.