Iggy Azalea Rocks Forever 21 Clothing: It’s Affordable Too

iggy azalea forever 21 white crop top


Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is currently the featured girl in Forever 21’s new festive season campaign ‘Unwrap Style’ and, boy, does she look amazing. Add in her boyfriend, LA Lakers’ Nick Young, who is modeling right alongside her, and you have to admit this couple rock. (Well, we already know Iggy has a rocking body).

Iggy wears a variety of pieces in the Forever 21 ‘Unwrap Style’ campaign, all of which are simple styles, basic colors and quite minimalistic in nature. (Well, there is one sparkly green dress, but the style is still chic).


Take the stunning white cutout sleeveless crop top she wears with a pair of basic white pants, for instance. Not only does it look elegant yet trendy, and perfect for many holiday occasions, it’s also ridiculously affordable at only $29.90.

For more of the Forever 21 clothing Iggy Azalea (and Nick) is modeling, check out the company’s website.

Michelle Topham