In/Spectre second PV released, introduces Kotoko and Kurō and their yōkai encounter

Upcoming new anime series In/Spectre released its second PV today. This one introduces Kotoko and Kurō, and gives some information about both of their encounters with the yōkai.

Encounters that left them with superhuman powers that they had to give up something important to them to get.


Kotoko gave up one of her legs and an eye, and Kurō his stable personal life.

When they eventually meet, the two team up to deal with mysteries — whether they are spirits that have escaped from the spirit world or the ghost of an idol.

But will it be a partnership that is good for both of them? Or does Kotoko have an ulterior motive that may not be beneficial for Kurō?

In/Spectre is based on the Japanese novel by Kyo Shirodaira.

The upcoming anime is directed by Keiji Gotoh (Endride, Strike Witches, Assassination Classroom), written by Noboru Takagi and with character designs by Takatoshi Honda.


It is produced by Brain’s Base, and stars Akari Kitō as Kotoko Iwanaga and Mamoru Miyano as Kurō Sakuragawa.

The series will begin airing both in Japan and on Crunchyroll in January, 2020.

Watch the second In/Spectre PV in the video below, and find more information about the series on its official website.

You can also hear part of the opening theme song ‘Mononoke in the Fiction‘ by Lie and a Chameleon.

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Michelle Topham