In ‘The Gamechangers’ Trailer, Daniel Radcliffe Goes Up Against Bill Paxton (Video)

daniel radcliffe the gamechangers

The BBC teaser trailer for the Grand Theft Auto drama, The Gamechangers, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton, has been released

The upcoming BBC2 drama The Gamechangers is something I’m going to be VPNing into the BBC’s iPlayer to watch when it airs on the Beeb on September 15th. That’s because it stars Daniel Radcliffe, and is about one of my favorite subjects on the planet — video games.


The Gamechangers is a 90 minute drama created by the BBC that tells the story of what happened when Sam Houser (Radcliffe), one of the creators of the later versions of video game Grand Theft Autocame up against Jack Thompson (played by Bill Paxton), an anti-video game activist who went after Grand Theft Auto due to its violent content.

Thompson, who is a lawyer, was obsessed with stopping video games from being published and, in particular, Grand Theft Auto, and spent millions of dollars filing bogus lawsuits attempting to get the games taken off shelves. The outcome for him was his eventual disbarment from the legal system due to harassment, bullying and lying.

As for The Gamechangers, while the BBC says it does not have the approval of Houser and his brother Dan, it is based on legal documents from the numerous court cases and on interviews with people who were involved.

The drama was written by James Wood (Ambassadors), and directed by Owen Harris (Kill Your Friends).

The teaser trailer the BBC has released is just that — a very brief teaser of what we can expect — but with Radcliffe and Paxton, you just know this thing is going to be good.

Watch the ‘The Gamechangers’ teaser trailer below.



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