Ira Glass Tells Jimmy Fallon Why Shakespeare Sucks (Video)

ira glass shakespeare sucks

If you’ve ever listened to ‘This American Life‘ (you haven’t? It’s freaking amazing), then you are already a huge fan of Ira Glass. In which case, you’ll be interested in his visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week. A visit during which he told Fallon why Shakespeare sucks. Or at least, why he said he did.

The story all started when Glass went to a performance of King Lear. Loved John Lithgow in the play but really……hated the play. So, when he got home, he tweeted what he thought was an innocuous comment


@JohnLithgow as King Lear tonight: amazing. Shakespeare: not good. No stakes, not relatable. I think I’m realizing: Shakespeare sucks.”

and Twitter lit up. Everyone complained. And Ira Glass got called  ‘a dumb ass’ by The New Yorker.

Of course, this being Ira Glass, the Shakespeare story has even more bite to it than that. Watch him tell the story properly in the video below.





Michelle Topham