IRODUKU: The World in Colors Blu-ray now on pre-order with English dub included

A romantic anime I enjoyed much more than I expected to was IRODUKU: The World in Colors.

The P.A. Works produced time travel series about Hitomi Tsukishiro, a girl who is unable to see the world in color until she is sent back in time to the era when her grandmother Kohaku was in high school.

That 13-episode anime was so touching and sweet, even though its ending may not have been what I expected or wanted, I still thought about that ending for days afterwards.

This week, IRODUKU: The World in Colors Blu-ray has gone on pre-order at Sentai Filmworks.

It is definitely one I will be adding to my collection.

Especially as the Blu-ray features a few decent extras, as well as an English dub.

The IRODUKU: The World in Colors Blu-ray features:

  • All 13 episodes
  • Both Japanese with English subtitles soundtrack and an English dub
  • A clean opening animation
  • 3 clean closing animations
  • 3 Japanese promos

Sentai has this to say about the plot of the anime:

Although Hitomi lives in a world filled with magic and fantasy, she can only experience its many marvels in a dreary palette of black and white and grey. She does remember seeing color when she was young, but the hues and vibrance faded away as most of the people who were important to her left her life.

Her emotions have followed suit, becoming greyer, darker, and muted, until even the wonders of becoming a Mage and growing into a teenager rarely affect her. But Hitomi’s grandmother has a plan to use a spell that would send Hitomi someplace where the two of them can meet… only this time, her grandmother will be 17!

If you want to order the IRODUKI Blu-ray, but would like to watch the romance anime before you do, you can currently watch every episode via Amazon Prime Video.

You can pre-order IRODUKU: The World in Colors at Sentai Filmworks now, and learn more about the anime via its official website.


Michelle Topham