Is Julia Roberts Awkward ? She Thinks So (Video)

Julia Roberts awkward tendencies are lovely

Is Julie Roberts awkward? Well she does envy Will Smith and Tom Hanks

Actress Julia Roberts was interviewed by CBS This Morning this week and, even though she is one of the world’s biggest movie stars, one thing you may be surprised about when you watch her is Julia Roberts’ awkward tendencies affect even her own self-confidence.


Even after being an actress for more than 30 years.

As Roberts explained to interviewer Gayle King,

“I think I still have a healthy amount of awkwardness. I  mean even the attention that a person gets as an actor, it’s….30 years later, and still I get…you know, my adrenaline gets revved up, and I’m nervous.”

She laughingly went on to explain how she’s still nervous about “tripping”, and how she really envies actors like Will Smith and Tom Hanks, both of whom she feels know exactly what to say to other people, and how to behave at all times.

“Will Smith seems to me to be a ‘perfect movie star’. He just has charisma… and people come up to him, and he just knows what to say. Tom Hanks is like that. He knows how to make conversation.”

She then went on to describe herself,

“And I’m like “Hi” (in a shy voice). “How are you?”

Julia Roberts’ awkward tendencies are part of her charm

To me, though, Julia Roberts’ awkward feelings are a given.

After all, just watch her in ‘Pretty Woman‘ sometime. A film made 27 ago when Roberts was just starting to become well known, and with a lead female character women (and men) still love so many years later.

Because part of the charm of that character is just how incredibly awkward she is in every situation (the classic polo match scene where she “whoop whoops” the players!) and, when you watch the film, you can tell she is actually so awkward because Julia Roberts is.

What is lovely about Julia Roberts’ awkward tendencies, though, is they are certainly not something that put you off liking her. If anything, they make her even more likable and more down-to-earth, and make you able to relate to her even more.

Watch her below. She’s charming.

Michelle Topham

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