Is Landmark the New Minecraft? So Far No, Not Remotely (Video)

Will Everquest’s Landmark be the new Minecraft or is it just a pale imitation?

Is the new Everquest game Landmark, the new Minecraft? At least that’s what some gamers are asking, including the Yogscast’s Lewis and Simon, who have just published a video entitled just that.

“Is Landmark the new Minecraft” looks at the new Everquest franchise game developed by Sony, analyzing everything from character customization in the game (not particularly extensive so far as Simon realized when he tried to create his usual dwarf skin), to claiming land to start building on, types of things you can build in Landmark, mining for resources oh and, yes, why you probably shouldn’t fall down a gigantic hole like Simon did. (You get stuck and can’t get out).

Personally, after watching this video, I doubt Landmark will ever be the new Minecraft. That’s because it looks like every RPG you’ve ever seen – pretty, lots of olde worlde buildings and a typical RPG graphics design but, after the first few minutes, it’s not really that interesting.


Yes, you do have more building supplies than just square blocks – in fact, circular objects and things of various thickness are possible in Landmark, unlike in Minecraft, which only has sticks, blocks and half blocks to play with — but, so far, I have to say I didn’t find the game particularly interesting after the first five minutes of the video.

On top of that, at the moment, there aren’t any monsters or enemies in the game, your character doesn’t have health so you can’t die, and the most important thing – your ‘claims’ are very small – meaning the land you can claim and build on is a small square and its finite.

Unlike in Minecraft, where your worlds are infinite and you can build on all of it – for years of your life if you so wanted to.

All in all, while Landmark looks like an interesting experiment, and it is a ‘sister’ game to the original Everquest MMO, I wouldn’t be that interested in playing it unless, once it releases, it’s markedly changed. And especially not while Minecraft is using up at least four hours of my gaming time daily.

Check out the Yogscast’s “Is Landmark the New Minecraft?” video below and see what you think.


Michelle Topham