Is Marin in love with Gojou? My Dress-Up Darling romance just got really fun!

I must admit I didn’t expect the currently airing My Dress-Up Darling anime to be quite this good.

As it is, though, along with another romantic comedy Sasaki and Miyano, it is currently my favorite anime of the Winter 2022 season.

An anime that became particularly good from Episode 5 onwards, I might add.


Because that was when it certainly appeared Marin may be having feelings for Gojou I didn’t quite expect. At least this early in the series.

So, if you are here wanting an answer to the question “Is Marin in love with Gojou?”, here’s what I can tell you right now.



Is My Dress-Up Darling‘s Marin in love with Gojou?

We start to get an inkling Marin is in love with Gojou at the end of Episode 5, when the pair are on the train heading back from the cosplay event and, right before he falls asleep, Gojou tells Marin she looked “beautiful” in the outfit he made for her.

As Gojou had told her previously he never said anything was “beautiful” unless it was “very special” to him, she looks shocked and then blushes from head to foot.

By Episode 6 then, Marin is already experiencing feelings for Gojou — blushing when the pair wash her cosplay wig the day after the event and, as she glances up at him, roses and sparkly lights seem to appear around him.

A few minutes later after Gojou’s grandfather has arrived, and Gojou is showing him the dress he made for Marin, and it’s then Marin realizes — “Oh shit, I’m head over heels for Gojou-kun”.

So, yes, Marin is in love with Gojou.

So much so, by the time Episode 7 rolls around, and the pair end up watching an anime series together at her apartment, she is already spending the day with “someone she wuvs”.

Watch My Dress-Up Darling on Crunchyroll, and enjoy this cute romance as it contines.

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Michelle Topham