Is Sid Meier Involved in the Civilization Online MMORPG?

Is Sid Meier involved in the Civilization Online MMORPG in any capacity?

As I’ve just written a scathing first-look article about the upcoming Civilization Online MMORPG, which looks truly dreadful, it dawned on me that many gamers are probably wondering is Sid Meier involved in the Civilization Online MMORPG, or is this a game he has nothing to do with?

The latter, I’m afraid.

As you’ll see from the first articles going out about Civilization Online, and the interview with XL Games CEO Jake Song, XL Games senior VP Jung Hwan Kim, and 2K Games’ Garrett Bittner published on Massively, there is not only no sight of Sid Meier’s name in front of the Civilization Online title but, when asked if Sid Meier was involved in the Civilization Online MMORPG, Jake Song said “no”.

The reality is, Sid Meier apparently met with Song once at the beginning of the process a couple of years ago, took a cursory look over the project and offered a ‘general approval’.

That, unfortunately, is the grand sum total of Meier’s involvement with Civilization Online, and probably a huge reason why it looks the way it does.

So, true Civilization fans be aware, if you think Sid Meier had anything to do with this monstrosity, you can sleep comfortably in your beds knowing it looks like he’s stayed as far away from it as possible. Now doesn’t that tell you something?

Michelle Topham