Is Singer Sam Smith Becoming a Vegetarian? He Watched ‘Food, Inc’

Changing the way I eat. Watch this and you’ll see why…

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While Instagram isn’t the best of mediums when it comes to news, you can pick up some pretty good tidbits if you read between the lines. And my line reading today tells me British singer Sam Smith may be becoming a vegetarian or, at the very least, completely changing his eating habits.

That’s because Smith uploaded a screenshot of the documentary film ‘Food, Inc‘, and captioned it “Changing the way I eat. Watch this and you’ll see why…

If you haven’t seen ‘Food, Inc‘ yet, you really should follow Sam Smith’s lead and do so. It’s a documentary about corporate farming in America, and how badly animals are treated in agribusiness in the United States.

Food, Inc‘ also shows how terribly employees are treated, and shows a huge amount of evidence to prove American food coming from corporate farming is some of the most unhealthy you can eat.

Corporate farming practices from companies like Monsanto, with their massive overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, are also terrible for the environment, and equally bad for you. No wonder Americans get cancer at a higher rate than people in most other developed countries.

Watching ‘Food, Inc‘ obviously struck a chord with Sam Smith too, just as it did with me when I saw it a couple of years ago. Now we just have to wait and see what he does to change his eating habits?

Will Sam Smith become a vegetarian or will he, like me, change his eating habits so most of the food he buys is from independent farmers and organic sources?

It will be interesting to find out.

Meanwhile, you can watch the ‘Food, Inc‘ trailer below, and please, buy a copy of it at Barnes and Noble. Everyone should own one.


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