Italy’s Francesco Gabbani Releases Eurovision Version of ‘Occidentali’s Karma’ and It May Be the Winner (Video)

The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 has to be one of the most disappointing Eurovisions in decades. After all, almost all of the 43 participating countries have now chosen both their performers and their songs, and the vast majority of them are weak.

In fact, out of every song released so far, to me, only Italy, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Latvia, Albania and Austria have chosen a song that is interesting enough to hold my attention. The rest? I don’t care if I never hear them again.

Italy’s Francesco Gabbani stands head and shoulders above the rest of them, though, with his song ‘Occidentali’s Karma‘. A song that, unless I know nothing about Eurovision or music, is the one that is going to win this year.

Because it’s catchy, fun, has a melody that drums its way into your head and, when you throw in the dance and the gorilla, who wouldn’t vote for it?

Speaking of Francesco Gabbani, he has just released his official Eurovision version of ‘Occidentali’s Karma‘, complete with video, today. And yay, it’s still in Italian. Although they have added English sub-titles so you can tell what the meaning of the song is — well…sort of.

The song is also 30-odd seconds shorter than the original version now so it can fit into the 3-minute maximum Eurovision always mandates, which apparently necessitated Italy getting rid of the entire second verse.

No worries on my part. I still love ‘Occidentali’s Karma‘. Just as long as that gorilla shows up on the Eurovision stage.

Watch and listen to Francesco Gabbani’s Eurovision version of ‘Occidentali’s Karma‘ in the video below.

Honestly, I will be very surprised if anyone else wins.

Michelle Topham

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