Item Rycling Skyrim Mod vs Melt Down Everything (Video)

Item Recycling Skyrim mod better than Melt Down Everything?

The Item Rycling Skyrim mod is a new mod just out that’s similar to one released a year ago — Melt Down Everything. But is Item Recycling better than the Melt Down Everything mod, or just more of the same?

Here’s a quick look at the Item Recycling mod from British mod reviewers Brodual, who give you the following information to help you make up your mind:

a) With the Item Recycling Skyrim mod, you can do any melting down of metals at any smelter you find in-game. All you have to do is search through your inventory in the smelting menu to find items that are recyclable and put them in the smelter. It’s incredibly easy to do.

b) Weapons, armor, silver goblets, kettles and platters can be melted down, which means the extraneous items we all see lying around and may not pick up could now be worth carrying. After all, if you can melt down a kettle and a platter and eventually end up with a shiny new sword, why not?

c) The Item Recycling mod has 168 new smelting recipes, which give you a whole slew of smelting options you didn’t have before. Just check out how many ingots of each metal you’ll need before getting started.

d) Item Recycling is a mod that helps you melt down your extraneous items quickly and easily, without any of the fiddling around to get everything ‘just right’ that’s sometimes needed with Melt Down Everything.

Get a full comparison of Item Recycling versus Melt Down Everything

Check out the Brodual video below for their full comparison of Item Recycling versus Melt Down Everything. As much of it does seem to be more of a personal choice than one mod being markedly better than the other, however, you should probably decide which you prefer. They are both great mods, though.

As for me, I’ve downloaded Item Recycling and, so far, I like it. In some respects, I still prefer Melt Down Everything as there are just so many more options to choose from. But, Item Recycling also has its pluses, in particular the fact that you don’t need to have charcoal to be able to smelt, so it makes doing so quite a bit cheaper.

Hard to make a decision, eh?

You can download Item Recycling at Skyrim Nexus and check it out for yourself.

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Michelle Topham