J by Jennifer Aniston Fragrance: Lovely If You Like the Ocean

J by Jennifer Aniston perfume fragrance

Jennifer Aniston is promoting her new fragrance – J by Jennifer Aniston, and she’s done a new People interview to talk about it. It’s the second fragrance for the popular actress, who launched her first fragrance back in 2011.

J by Jennifer Aniston, though, is quite a bit different than her first. She says it’s a “clean, feminine smell” that’s reminiscent of the ocean with its scents of sand, sunblock and sea air. The fragrance also includes vanilla, fresia and sandalwood, so it should smell lovely.

While critics weren’t too positive about Aniston’s first fragrance, many Aniston fans and fragrance lovers liked it, That’s possibly because it was also a light and fresh fragrance, which Jennifer Aniston has said time and time again she prefers.

If you’re interested in trying out J by Jennifer Aniston, you should be able to find it in your local department store or fragrance shop soon.

Michelle Topham