Jack O’Connell’s Butt Tattoo Makes Dame Judi Dench Blush on Graham Norton (Video)

jack o'connell butt tattoo


English actor Jack O’Connell’s butt tattoo made Dame Judi Dench blush this week when she saw a picture of it on The Graham Norton Show. A photo of the tattoo, which is actually fake, was introduced by O’Connell, who then sat there grinning wildly while poor Dame Judi Dench blushed, mopped her head and looked shocked.

Of course, in reality, Dame Judi loved Jack O’Connell’s butt tattoo, and couldn’t stop grinning about it. Which Jack loved even more.


Watch Dame Judi below. Oh, and Jack O’Connell? Isn’t he just the cutest and funniest guy?

Michelle Topham