Jack White Rocks 2-Hour Set at Coachella – Amazing Performance (Videos)

jack white that black bat licorice

Jack White rocked a 2-hour set while headlining at Coachella on Saturday night.

Tracks included ‘Lazaretto’, ‘That Black Bat Licorice’, ‘Steady As She Goes’, ‘Icky Thump’, ‘High Ball Stepper’ and ‘Seven Nation Army‘. All in all, two hours of the most incredible rock, folk rock and blues rock from a man who was there to take no prisoners.

Jack White started to win my heart when he brought everything on stage to a standstill while he told the audience, “support your local artists, please, it’s time to do that now,” and asked them to buy music from musicians who were just starting out.

He won it completely when he dedicated the concert to transgender people.

Watch Jack White performing ‘That Black Bat Licorice‘, ‘Hello Operator‘ and ‘Seven Nation Army‘, the last song in a five-track encore set. Only a tiny taste of how thrilling he and his five-piece band were.

As he said several times throughout the night, “Music is sacred”, and he certainly managed to prove that at Coachella all by himself.


Michelle Topham