Jack Whitehall’s red chair guest shocks him while hosting Graham Norton Show

Jack Whitehall shocked at story from women in the red chair

British comedian Jack Whitehall was guest hosting The Graham Norton Show this week when a red chair participant slammed a former Graham Norton guest’s behavior.

The woman, called Celine, started off her red chair story by explaining it was her second visit to Graham Norton’s red chair, having been in it eight years before.

She then went on to explain one of Norton’s guests at the time had not enjoyed her story. “I told a story that I thought was really good, about when I was living in France and something happened with my daughter. However, a certain guest on the sofa that night really did not like my story, and he was rather rude”.

At that point, the camera switched from Celine on the red chair to guest host Jack Whitehall who, if you look very closely, seems to be a little unnerved.

The woman then went on, “He actually said, is that the best story she can come up with? Who does she bloody think she is?”

But it was when Celine mentioned her daughter had met the offending person in a nightclub recently that it dawned on Whitehall what was going on.

“Oh my God, it’s me!“, he exclaimed, hand over his mouth and in utter shock.

Watch the Graham Norton video below to see what happened next, and if Celine ever did forgive Jack Whitehall for being so rude.

And, of course, find out if he let her leave the red chair dignity intact or…did he pull the lever anyway?

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