Jacqueline Winspear’s ‘The American Agent’ to be published March 26th — 15th Maisie Dobbs novel

Jacqueline Winspear’s ‘The American Agent‘ has Maisie Dobbs investigating the murder of an American correspondent

The new Jacqueline Winspear’s book ‘The American Agent‘ is due to be published on March 26th. It is the follow up to the 2018 novel ‘To Die but Once‘.

The book is the 15th in the Maisie Dobbs series, and continues on with clairvoyant, therapist and investigator Dobbs attempting to solve crimes, this time in London during World War II.

The publisher’s blurb for Jacqueline Winspear’s ‘The American Agent‘ has this to say about her latest novel:


When Catherine Saxon, an American correspondent reporting on the war in Europe, is found murdered in her London digs, news of her death is concealed by British authorities. Serving as a linchpin between Scotland Yard and the Secret Service, Robert MacFarlane pays a visit to Maisie Dobbs, seeking her help.

Accompanied by an agent from the US Department of Justice – Mark Scott, the American who helped Maisie escape Hitler’s Munich in 1938 – he asks Maisie to work with Scott to uncover the truth about Saxon’s death.

As the Germans unleash the full terror of their blitzkrieg upon the citizens of London, raining death and destruction from the skies, Maisie must balance the demands of solving this dangerous case with her need to protect the young evacuee she has grown to love.

Entangled in an investigation linked to the power of wartime propaganda,and American political intrigue being played out in Britain, Maisie will face losing her dearest friend – and the possibility that she might be falling in love again.

While Jacqueline Winspear’s is not particularly known for her intellectual prose, her story-telling skills are exceptional, the mysteries are well-crafted, and her main character, Maisie Dobbs, is one you grow to love.

The British crime author is also consistently given high ratings on Goodreads, with almost every book in the Maisie Dobbs series being a recommended read by the majority of reviewers.

Jacqueline Winspear’s ‘The American Agent‘ will be available in hardback, paperback, audio and Kindle on March 26th, 2019.

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Michelle Topham