James Arthur at V Festival: Europe Concerts , Future Collaborations and Anxiety (Video)

james arthur v festival



British singer James Arthur was at V Festival in Staffordshire over the weekend, where he talked to ITN Productions’ ODE channel about his travels performing around Europe this summer.

While he’s been all over the continent and has loved every country he’s been to, as the crowds are so great, Arthur said he particularly loves Switzerland as he’s been there more than anywhere else this year and the Swiss audiences have been fabulous to him.

As for future plans, James Arthur says he wants to do more collaborations with other artists as he really enjoys the inspiration it gives him. In particular, he’d love to work with Raleigh Ritchie as he thinks his new song ‘Stronger Than Ever’ was written about his life.

He’s also excited about his upcoming album, as he said he’d been through a really bad time in the last year and now that he’s having a lot less problems with anxiety, he’s interested to see what his new music will sound like.

For more on James Arthur at V Festival, watch the ODE video below.

Michelle Topham