James Bond’s Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Marry in New York

Daniel Craig’s publicist confirmed the James Bond actor and The Mummy’s Rachel Weisz have married in a short ceremony in New York last week. The marriage ceremony was attended by only four people, Daniel Craig’s daughter, Rachel’s son and a couple of close friends.

The couple recently finished filming the movie “The Dream House” together, during which time the married couple they portrayed on screen seems to have jumped into real life.

Craign and Weisz have known each other, as friends, for years, but it’s only recently a romance developed. In fact, at the time they began filming “The Dream House“, they were both in serious relationships with other people.

Craig was even engaged to his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell for more than five years, but never did marry her. Weisz had a son with producer Darren Aronofsky. Looks like whatever was lacking in their previous relationships, they’ve found with each other

Daniel Craig will be next in the 23rd James Bond movie. Weisz will soon start filming a new movie with director Terrence Malick.


Michelle Topham