James Franco’s Instagram Photos Rock: The Coolest Celebrity Pics?

James Franco online screenwriting classes
This one was to persuade people to sign up for his screenwriting class. At the ridiculously cheap $25, you really should have – http://skl.sh/1ho1eKT

I am a massive, massive, massive fan of James Franco. He’s not only an actor with an amazing number of stellar performances to his name, he’s also a director, a screenwriter, an author, a teacher and a perpetual student – believing education is one of the most important things in the world.

Then, add in his incredible, unwavering support for the LGBT community and, as far as I’m concerned, James Franco is god. He, in fact, can do no wrong.


james franco half eaten apple
Come on – who else can make a half-eaten apple look this sexy?

So, when someone asks me who I think has the coolest celebrity pics on Instagram, I always respond “James Franco’s Instagram photos ROCK”, because while he also does all the above things I just mentioned and more (he’s currently studying for his PhD at Yale), his photos are totes amazeballs as well.


Just check out these three photographs I’ve nabbed from James Franco’s Instagram account, then tell me you know of a cooler celebrity or one with a more interesting life. Because, I’ll bet you, you can’t.

james franco gym boxing
Franco promoting the LA gym he boxes at.

Like those? For more of James Franco’s many cool Instagram photos, head over to his account where you can browse to your fill.

Michelle Topham