James Spader Tells Jimmy Fallon About Comic Con, Concerts and Orgasms (Video)

james spader talks about comic con


I’ve been in love with James Spader since he appeared in ‘Pretty in Pink‘ a generation ago. At that point, he was God. Decades later and, yes, he’s definitely changed (no more of those gorgeous golden locks but he still has that sexy lisp) although he’s still a fabulous man. So I was thrilled to see him show up on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon┬álast week.

Spader talked about the craziness of Comic Con, filming ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘ in London, and shooting the second season of ‘Black List‘, as well as how ‘orgasmic’ going to live concerts can be (well, he does have a point!).

He is very funny when he talks about Comic Con, though, and how it’s all a big event in anticipation of ……..pretty much nothing at all.

Watch James Spader talking to Jimmy Fallon in the video below.