Japanese cosplayer Enako made almost half a million dollars in 2020 from events and photoshoots

Enako as Demon Slayer’s Nezuko — copyright Enako (Instagram account)

When it comes to Japanese cosplayers, there is hardly anyone better known than Enako, the voice actor, singer and cosplayer who is not only well-known in Japan but around the world as well.

It should be no surprise then to learn Enako made almost half a million dollars in 2020 — or to be precise, around 50 million yen (approximately $482,603 according to xe).


An amazing amount of money, considering events in Japan and elsewhere were cancelled or postponed due to the Covid-19 panic.

According to Enako, she earned the money in 2020 from cosplay shoots and the subsequent photographs, magazine work and from appearing at events.

In a tweet to her fan base, however, even Enako seemed surprised about that number as she said she had recently found out about the amount from “Yokuu-san”, the president of her agency.

Of course, Japan as a country and the Japanese people overall have not panicked about Covid-19 as much as most countries in Europe, for instance.

That is why Enako was still able to attend some events in Japan throughout the year whereas, here in Europe, almost all of them have been cancelled.

Interestingly too, even with more events occurring and life going on mainly as normal, Japan still has far fewer cases of Covid-19 and deaths due to the virus than most other countries — when calculated in respect to population, that is.

(Japan is currently at #141 on the list of cases versus population, and 138 when it comes to deaths — I knew there were reasons why I need to move to Japan). (continue reading and watch a cute video of Enako cosplaying as Rent-a-Girlfriend characters after the promo…)

I’m in love with Rent-A-Girlfriend’s Chizuru Mizuhara and I’m a girl and straight

As for Enako and her cosplay career, the 26-year-old Japanese cosplayer has been involved in the industry since 2012. She didn’t seem to take it very seriously until she opened her own Twitter account in early 2015 however, and then began to promote her work quite heavily.

Since then, all Enako’s hard work has paid off with not only almost half a million dollars in 2020, but millions of loyal fans too.

The Japanese cosplayer now has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and, just in 2020 alone, has done shoots in costume for anime like Rent-a-Girlfriend, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Check out Enako’s cute Rent-a-Girlfriend video to see just how perfect her cosplay work is! No wonder she does so well.


Michelle Topham