Jasmine V Talks About ‘That’s Me Right There’, Style and Why She Likes to Sing (Video)

jasmine Villegas


Jasmine V (aka Jasmine Villegas) is one of the music industry’s up and coming R&B pop singers. She’s been singing professionally for a long time, which is hard to believe as she’s still only 20 years old. But, yep, Jasmine V has been pursuing a music career since she was around 10 years old.

Jasmine signed with Interscope Records in 2013, and had her debut album single release back in August with “That’s Me Right There“. That was followed just a couple of weeks ago with her first EP of the same name.


A couple of weeks ago, Jasmine V sat down with Young Hollywood to talk about her music, what her style is usually like, and how she got started singing. She also gave them a tour around the Young and Reckless studios, and let them listen to her sound check for her private party later in the evening.

Check out Jasmine V in the Young Hollywood interview below. Beautiful, isn’t she?


Michelle Topham