Jeffrey Tambor Says People Talk To Him About Transgender Issues in Their Family (Video)

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Actor Jeffrey Tambor was on Conan this week, where he talked about acting in Transparent. Tambor said it has been an amazing experience, but especially because of the reactions of people who have watched the show.


According to Tambor, he usually gets one of three reactions about the show. The first is usually “I didn’t know what to expect”. The second is about the show itself saying that it is “one of the great, great things”. While the third reaction is from people who have had transgender people in the family, and want to talk about their experiences.

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What’s so great about Transparent though, he admits and we regular viewers know, is that it’s addressing an issue that is extremely important in society right now. An issue that is at the forefront of things that are changing in the world, and that more and more people are talking about.

Yet in a way that is funny as well as touching, and that really makes you love the people involved.

When it comes to that issue, Tambor says he has always thought that laughter and humor is healing, and so he thinks the way issues are dealt with on Transparent is so perfect.

Watch Jeffrey Tambor talking about acting in Transparent in the video below. All I can say is he is doing a truly lovely thing.


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