Jennifer Aniston’s Deleted Sex Scene Makes Her Uncomfortable, but So Cute (Video)

jennifer aniston sex scene horrible bosses 2


There is an absolute train wreck of an interview with Jennifer Aniston on ‘Conan‘ this week that is one of the funniest interviews I’ve seen her give.

In it, Aniston is asked about the awkward sex scene she filmed for Horrible Bosses 2. A sex scene that was ultimately cut out of the movie. But what makes this so funny, and Jennifer Aniston so incredibly cute and ‘train-wrecky’, is the way she talks about the scene. So uncomfortably, she can barely get the words out.

Aniston starts off her explanation as to why the Horrible Bosses 2 sex scene was cut by saying “Well, it was kind of not even mutual…..I’m not going to say…..he was er…….er…….er……er…….shit”.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Jennifer Aniston at her absolute most eloquent. But so funny to watch.

Check her Conan interview out below. Can you say “Awwwwwww”.