Jennifer Lawrence Calls Phone Hacking a ‘Sex Crime’: She’s Correct (Video)

jennifer lawrence sex crime vanity fair interview


American actress Jennifer Lawrence told Vanity Fair magazine this week that she’s worried about her career, after dozens of nude photographs were stolen from her ‘iCloud’ account and uploaded to sites all over the internet. Lawrence called the phone hacking a ‘sex crime’.


Well, let’s face it, it is a sex crime and anyone that is found to be stealing naked photographs from the cloud from anyone’s iCloud account, whether the person is a celebrity or not, should be charged with a crime. Unfortunately, in the US currently,that’s not likely to happen.

Other celebrities whose naked photos were stolen from the cloud included Rihanna, Kate Upton and Selena Gomez.

For more on what Jennifer Lawrence has to say about the phone hacking, watch the video below.

Michelle Topham