Jennifer Lawrence Sucks at Press and Public Relations (Video)

jennifer lawrence sucks at press conferences

We all know Jennifer Lawrence is honest. So honest that, when she gets asked a question on a talk show or in a press conference, she says exactly what she is thinking at that point in time — even if it may not be deemed as ‘politically correct’.

But, while JLaw is honest and will answer just about any question thrown at her, she is never mean or nasty.

Just one of the reasons so many people love her so much.

According to Jennifer Lawrence herself though, she sucks at press and public relations.

So much so she told Jimmy Fallon last night that, during her first ever press conference a few years ago to publicize a film called “The Burning Plain” she actually told an entire room full of press that Kim Basinger had died.

Sure, it was a joke but what Lawrence did not understand at the time was the press doesn’t really have much of a sense of humor.

“I got ripped off the stage, thrown into media training, which was hilarious because I was like Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady“, Lawrence said. Then went on to admit, “Of course, it didn’t take”.

But that is the thing we love about Jennifer Lawrence. The fact that the media training didn’t “take”, as that is what makes her so easy to relate to for so many of us.

After all, we all make mistakes, we all say things that are stupid or that we later regret, and most of us go through life being ‘honest’ when we speak.

Unlike so many of the current batch of celebrities, who really are a bland and dull lot, simply because they spend more time worrying whether people ‘like’ them or not, rather than actually saying something meaningful or real.

You could not, however, ever say that about Jennifer Lawrence. An actress who blurts out what is in her head at that particular point in time, even if it isn’t the smartest or most diplomatic thing to say.

Watch Jennifer Lawrence talking about how much she sucks at press and public relations in the Jimmy Fallon video below.

And do read this excellent article at The Daily Beast on why Lawrence became one of our most loved celebrities. It’s fabulous. Just like her.