Jessica Alba is Cute Throwing Balls on The Ellen Show But… She Can’t Throw (Video)

jessica alba red ellen degeneres

Jessica Alba is a lovely person, both inside and out. She’s talented, she’s smart and she’s funny and, of course, she’s gorgeous but, Alba does have one fault…she can’t throw a ball to save her life.

Jessica Alba was on The Ellen Show this week where she participated in a game to help raise money for the AIDS charity Red.


The game involved throwing baseballs at signs labeled with certain amounts of cash. If the ball hit the sign and the sign fell over, the amount of money on the sign would be donated to Red.

Needless to say, while funny to watch, it was hard going for Alba who simply can’t throw a ball, and Ellen soon jumped in to help. Bless her, though, between her and Ellen they did manage to raise $10,000 for Red.

Watch Jessica and Ellen throw baseballs in the video below. And, yep, I’d say Jessica Alba “throws like a girl” except for the fact most girls I know throw better than her. Bless.