Jessica Chastain can twitch her nose like ‘Bewitched’s’ Samantha Stevens

American magazine Vanity Fair occasionally asks celebrities what skill or talent they have that nobody knows about for a video segment they call ‘Secret Talent Theater‘. Turns out actress Jessica Chastain has one. One I wanted for years when I was a little kid.

Because Jessica Chastain can twitch her nose just like Samantha Stevens on the 1950s television sit-com ‘Bewitched‘.


Chastain says about her nose-twitching talent, “My secret talent is that I’m a witch. At a very young age I started watching reruns of ‘Bewitched‘ and I noticed there was something that I really liked and connected to. With just a wiggle of her face she (Samantha Stevens) was able to make a dish, clean the house, freeze someone in place. I decided to hone those magical powerful skills for good and sometimes for bad.”

Chastain went on to show off her skill and to joke, “I think that’s how I got my first film. I cast a spell on the director”.

Watch Jessica Chastain’s ‘Bewitched‘ nose-twitching skills in the video below. She even shows you how to learn to do it yourself.

Michelle Topham

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