Jessica Chastain’s best moments on Graham Norton are hilarious

Jessica Chastain’s best moments on Graham Norton are hilarious, and she is gorgeous

The fabulous American actress Jessica Chastain has been a guest on The Graham Norton Show many times over the last few years and, from watching Graham interview her, it’s pretty obvious why.

Because he, and his audience, think she is wonderful. *Well, don’t we all.


Today, Graham Norton released a ‘Jessica Chastain’s Best Moments on The Graham Norton Show’ video on his YouTube channel. A 10-minute video showing some of the funniest stories Chastain has told while a guest on his show.

Stories like how mean the British are to redheads, how her parents gave her bad comebacks to say when kids at school teased her for being a redhead and how, if she hangs around Italians enough, she unwillingly adopts a fake Italian accent.

But the funniest Jessica Chastain moment on Graham Norton is when she practices Krav Maga, the Israeli Defense Army’s martial art, on Graham who plans on attacking her while only armed with a banana.

Because not only is it great that Chastain apparently is quite good at Krav Maga, and could disarm you in a second if you were ever to try to cause her harm, but it is the fear Graham exhibits while trying to psych himself into being attacked by a woman who could beat him into nothing but a smear in the middle of the road that is really hilarious to watch.

“It’s super super intensive”, says Chastain about Krav Maga. “It’s basically how you kill your opponent as quickly as possible”, which, of course, made Graham more than just a little nervous.

“No, seriously, would you hurt me?” asks Graham, when Chastain says she’s good at Krav Maga.

Watch some of Jessica Chastain’s best moments on The Graham Norton Show below, and just notice why he likes her so much.

Because she’s funny, smart, very laid back, tells really cool stories and loves to laugh at herself. Honestly, she couldn’t be more perfect.

Jessica Chastain can twitch her nose just like Bewitched‘s Samantha Stevens